International Tax Consulting

Internation tax consulting


Operating in international markets is a great opportunity for growth, but it also involves tax complexities that can significantly impact your bottom line. That’s why relying on experienced international tax consultants is essential.

At C&C, we are specialists in international tax consulting. We offer customized services for:

  • Cross-border transactions: acquisitions, mergers, relocations, joint ventures, etc. We guide you in complying with the tax regulations of the countries involved.
  • International tax planning: we help you optimize the taxation of your activities globally and identify the most advantageous jurisdictions based on your business.
  • Advice on double taxation, transfer pricing and double tax treaties. We ensure the correct tax treatment of your cross-border operations.
  • International corporate restructuring: we guide you in merger, acquisition, demerger and concentration transactions involving companies in different countries.

International taxation is the key to global business success. We at C&C are at your side to optimize your worldwide taxation and support you through the complexities of international regulations. Contact us for a personalized consultation.

Our Service

Our firm provides high value-added services

Ordinary consulting

Accounting and tax management of a business or one’s personal assets requires specific skills and time to devote to regulatory compliance.

National tax consulting

The tax burden in Italy is among the highest in Europe. It is crucial for companies to optimize taxation to safeguard profits and remain competitive.

Extraordinary consulting

Every company, sooner or later, faces complex extraordinary transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, business transfers, and stock market listings.

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