Ordinary Consulting

Routine consulting for businesses and individuals

Accounting and tax management of a business or personal estate requires specific skills and time to devote to regulatory compliance. This is why it is essential to rely on professionals in the field.

The C&C firm offers customized ordinary consulting for:


  • Extraordinary transactions: assistance in mergers, acquisitions, business transfers, capital increases, etc.
  • International tax consulting, for companies that want to set up abroad and for those that want to relocate to Italy.
  • Ordinary tax consulting including the preparation of tax returns (Income tax return, VAT, withholding tax, etc.).
  • Ordinary accounting: preparation of financial statements, general accounting and VAT.


  • Tax position of individuals especially with reference to international tax issues.
  • Asset management: financial investment analysis, portfolio optimization, tax returns.
  • Extraordinary transactions: donations, hereditary divisions and other types of deeds subject to registration tax and mortgage taxes.

Proper management of administrative and tax aspects is essential but requires time and experience. At C&C, we work alongside companies and individuals to simplify and optimize the company’s administrative management. Our goal is to free clients from red tape, reduce costs and manage risk, allowing them to focus on business.

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Our service

Our firm provides high value-added services

International tax consulting

Operating in international markets is a great opportunity for growth, but it also involves tax complexities that can significantly impact your bottom line.

National tax consulting

The tax burden in Italy is among the highest in Europe. It is crucial for companies to optimize taxation to safeguard profits and remain competitive.

Extraordinary consulting

Ogni azienda, prima o poi, si trova ad affrontare operazioni straordinarie complesse, come fusioni, acquisizioni, conferimenti di azienda, quotazioni in borsa.

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